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Benjamin Allmon is a musician, composer, lyricist, and audio engineer of twenty-five years’ experience.  Predominantly a bassist, guitarist, and singer, he occasionally fools around with the piano, and has no aptitude for drumming whatsoever.


His debut album, The Dark Carnival (2005), was the catalyst for his 1000km, 51-day walking tour down Australia’s East Coast as a continuation of the rambling musicians of old, recounted in his book Foot Notes.  Recorded by Allmon in his recording studio, the album is an eclectic mix to say the least, with Allmon augmented by ten musicians. 

Listen here to the album's epic, "On Your Mind".


His follow-up, Sound Tracks (2016), took over a decade to materialise, and was released as the musical accompaniment to Foot Notes.  Inspired by the people and experiences he encountered on his trek, it was a much more subdued affair, focussing more on the instrumentation available to him on the road – an acoustic guitar and his voice. 

Recorded at REaD Cafe, its songs provided the basis for a collaborative relationship with Grammy-nominated US producer Jason Brawner (Beyonce, Hilary Duff, Carrie Underwood).

Listen here to the first song written for the album, "Fragment of the Afternoon".


Two years later, he recorded the seven-song soundtrack to The Saltwater Story (2018), collaborating with the Bundjalung mob on the traditional song "Mibbin", resulting in "Mibbinified", which can be heard here:

he is currently working on his third album, Wavedue for release in 2024.

Listen here to "The Clan", a taste of what's to come.

Now Available 

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