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Allmon’s latest release, Mr Ordinary Dons a Disguise (Odyssey Books 2018), is a collection of fifteen short stories written over a seven-year period, and run the gamut from speculative to literary fiction, from horror to humour. Published in journals such as AurealisThe Waterhouse Review and Writers’ Bloc – including Dicky’s Dilemma, winner of the Judges’ Choice for the ESU Roly Sussex Award – each story is accompanied by an illustration or photograph by talented Australian and international artists.


Talking fruit.


Time reversing.


A scheming liver.


A lighter’s journey.


Vengeful teddy bears.


Vending machine salvation.


The Annual Meeting of Words.


Everyone on earth moving six feet to the left.


Escape into vivid worlds, populated by everyday – ordinary, if you will – characters facing unique challenges…when sometimes the mask becomes the face. From horror to humour, speculative to literary fiction, magic realism to psychological dualism: fifteen stories that will linger in the mind.

Mr Ordinary Dons a Disguise