Allmon’s 2nd album, and the musical accompaniment to Foot Notes.


Twelve elegiac, bittersweet works, written and composed over a ten year period following his epic walk along the Australian coastline.  After travelling across this oldest and most sparsely-populated continent, a land where millennia have stripped it of all but the essentials for life, Sound Tracks reflects this simplicity, using only what is necessary, in contrast to its predecessor, The Dark Carnival.


Performed on a hand-crafted nylon-string Soledad – fittingly, the word means Solitude – Allmon’s playing and singing is accompanied only once, by his wife Di, on “Indian Summer”…again, a far cry from the multitudes that appeared on the first album.  The tone of these works is far different too, and perhaps best encapsulated by another word from the Iberian peninsula – saudade – as he explains:

Becoming a husband and father during the composition of this album signalled a happy end to my years of solitude and wandering.  But sometimes, when I take my son to the beach, there’s an ache inside that is deeper than bone, and it’s in these twelve songs that this feeling lives on, this longing for the far reaches, the silences, the space between things.”  – 2BBB interview, Dec 2016.

Sound Tracks [CD]