"Walk with humility and a good heart...do that, and you can walk anywhere in this land."

- Uncle John Long, Ugarapul Elder


The Black & White Braid (Cairn Tor 2020), is a fully-illustrated hardcover collaboration with photographer Carin Garland, due for release in July 2020, and is supported by The Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, and Scenic Rim Regional Council through the RADF PRogram.


Walking out their door on a Winter's morning, Benjamin and Carin have no idea where the road - the Black & White Braid - will take them.

For 32 days and 660km, they journey through Queensland's Scenic Rim on foot. In this microcosm of Australia, they uncover the past and discover the present alongside Indigenous elders trying to secure Lore in the next generation; 4th-generation farmers at breaking point; proud South Sea Islander descendants of the first "sugar slaves" seeking to have their voices heard; incredible women and men who banded together during devastating bushfires to save their community; two women trying to save their town from extinction, and many more.

From farmer-preachers in Australia's Bible Belt to environmentalists trying to preserve prehistoric wilderness, young mothers to 103-year-old great-great-grandmothers, traditional custodians to recent immigrants, Benjamin and Carin discover how we are all connected - by the roads that brought us here, by the roads we travel every day through this country we share...and ask: where is the road leading?

The Black & White Braid: Roads, People, and Stories of the Scenic Rim Vol I


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